I Bleed Purple

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, purple is my favorite color (thus, the name of this very blog). This is convenient because the Baltimore Ravens is my favorite football team, so much so I would like Ravens purple bridesmaids dresses someday.

Now I don’t claim to be the foremost expert on football, because I’m not (although, at the time of this writing, I am the top seed in my office fantasy league heading into the playoffs. The Purple People Eaters are awesome!). I didn’t pay much attention to the sport until the Ravens began playing in the 1996 season (sorry, Cleveland) and I couldn’t get enough of the team during our Super Bowl run in the 2000 season (sorry, Giants–okay, not really).

There’s something, in my opinion, truly magical about a team’s ability to unite an entire city. For the last two years during our playoff runs, the city of Baltimore has been awash in purple. I couldn’t have been happier–well, maybe if we’d actually made it to and then won the Super Bowl.

I celebrate when they celebrate. I hurt when they hurt. Yes, it is that serious. Football (or any other sport for that matter) is hardly ever “just” a game. It’s personal, especially when our arch rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers are in town. Our pride as a city is on the line.

Now some people will disagree and they have valid points. Yes, professional athletes are grossly overpaid and, contrary to popular belief, they are not role models. That’s what parents and other relatives are for. Like celebrities, athletes are there to entertain.

But when you look at what the Saints did for New Orleans–a city still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina–by winning Super Bowl XLIV, there’s no denying the power of athletic events to bring hope to thousands of people. And you can have fun in the process. With two games left in the regular season and the playoffs in sight, I only have one thing to say: GO RAVENS! Make your fans proud!


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