2012: A Year in Review

Halloween group shot

It’s my 25th birthday!!!

Okay, so this post is a little bit tardy to the party. But better late than never, right? Inspired by Facebook, I’ve decided to compile a list of my top 12 moments in 2012. This list is not in any particular order, just some of my favorite memories from the past year:

1. Cruising with my family. For the last few years, my mom, my dad, my sister and I have taken an annual cruise vacation. Last year, we expanded our crew to include my extended family as well…making us 18 total. Yeah, we roll deep.

2. Cancun in June. This summer, after celebrating our one-year anniversary, my boyfriend and I took our first vacation together–to Cancun, no less (with about 50 or so of my pole dancing friends from Xpose Fitness…yay group trips!!). After five days of basking in the sun and living the good life, we sadly had to return to reality. Yuck.

3. Competing in Miss Xpose. After a few years of honing my floor/chair skills at Xpose Fitness in Towson, I decided to participate in the preliminary competition for Miss Xpose–the largest pole and chair dancing competition on the East Coast. I did not, however, advance to finals. This year, I’m competing in the floor/chair category again and pole princess (no inverts) for the first time. Fingers crossed I make it to the big stage!

4. Freelancing for JET magazine. Growing up, I’d read JET magazine at my grandmother’s house and I dreamed of being a Beauty of the Week. But it never occurred to me I could actually have a byline in the iconic biweekly Black magazine. After reaching out to a senior editor on Twitter, I became a regular contributing writer for the publication. Ahhh!

5. Writing about weddings for The Baltimore Sun. If you know me, you know I love weddings. And I don’t just mean love weddings, but loooove weddings! So when my editor approached me about writing weekly columns about recently wed couples, I jumped at the chance. I love hearing other people’s love stories, it’s definitely one of the fun parts of my job!

6. My dad’s retirement. After 30 years in the fire department (without ever taking a sick day, no less), my dad decided to retire. It was truly the end of an era. For more on that, you can check out my previous blog post here.

7. Barack Obama’s re-election. It’s no secret that I love the Obamas, especially the first lady. And while I’m definitely happy about the president’s re-election, I’m also very excited to see what Michelle is going to wear. All jokes aside, I’m proud of my president and I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the next four years! (Nor can I wait to see M.O.’s inaugural gown…eeeekkk!!!)

8. Same-sex marriage became legal in Maryland. This was one of the proudest moments of my relatively short voter experience. I believe ALL men and women are created equally and, therefore, deserve to love and be loved equally while receiving the SAME benefits as everyone else. Marriage equality for everyone!

9. The Orioles making the playoffs. I’ve been an Orioles fan since forever and I’m a firm believer in always rooting for the home team, so my sister and I were absolutely ecstatic when the Birds made the playoffs this year! Keep up the good work guys and let’s go Orioles!

10. Weddings and proposals, oh my! This year, two of my close friends got engaged and I attended another close friend’s wedding in July. Summer 2013? Three weddings in six weeks. Time to stock up on those Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons!!

11. Milestone birthdays. My sister turned 21 and I turned 25. It was indeed a memorable birthday year for the “Thompson Twins.” And, of course, we celebrated together…we wouldn’t have it any other way!

12. My first pole performance. I closed out the year with my first ever pole performance at the Xpose Fitness holiday party/showcase…and it was nerve-wracking! As a former cheerleader and dancer, I’m accustomed to performing and the stage fright that sometimes come along with it. This, however, was the first time I felt truly nauseous beforehand. I made it through (not perfectly, but at least I didn’t fall on my face) and I’m proud of myself for trying new things…even if they scare me.

So here’s to you, 2013. Admittedly, you’ve been up to a pretty rocky start…so I’m hoping and praying you get better soon! Love, LT


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