Expert Tips for Hosting an All-White Wedding Beyoncé Would Attend

Beyoncé did it. Solange did it. And now Mama Tina is the latest Knowles diva to wow the world with an all-white wedding. Want to do the same with your upcoming nuptials? We talked to Baltimore-based event and wedding planner Stephanie Bradshaw to discover affordable and fashionable ways to stun your guests. Scroll on for all the tips you need to throw a glam and chic wedding.

Dress Code


Keep the Bridal Party in All White: Once frowned upon, selecting white dresses for your bridesmaids is now considered on-trend. Fun fact: In olden times, bridesmaids wore white to confuse evil spirits who tried to harm the bride. To get the glam look without the couture price tag, Stephanie suggests having your girls rent their dresses from Rent the Runway. They’ll look and feel fab without breaking the budget. “We recently did a wedding where all the bridesmaids wore white, and it was so pretty,” gushes Stephanie.

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