23 #TBT Gifts Every ’90s Lover Needs

We’re all about the ’90s here at Brit HQ. From Friends to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the ’90s was full of iconic pop culture moments and beauty trends that are gearing up for a comeback in a BIG way. And we can’t think of a better way to show our love for the flannel-filled decade than with totally tubular accessories and selfie-worthy apparel. Check out these ’90s-inspired gifts that will keep you cool on #TBT and every day of the week.


1. Fresh Prince West Philadelphia Tank ($28): If the playground is where you spent most of your days, then this colorful tank top is for you. One of the most memorable TV theme songs of all time comes to life in this perfect-for-a-festival tank.


2. Ugh, As If Coffee Mug ($14): This Clueless-inspired mug pretty much sums up how we feel every. single. Monday. Fill it up with your morning joe and let your mug do all the talking for you.

Read the full story at Brit + Co.


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