The Newlywed Chronicles – Finding the Perfect Work/Life/Love Balance

Shortly after Jeff and I said, “I do,” I left my full-time journalism position and started a new career in corporate communications. I’m earning a higher salary and I have a more stable schedule, which are both big wins. However, I quickly filled up my newfound free time with more freelance writing projects and volunteering. They say an idle mind is a devil’s playground, but it’s possible I went overboard.

In my quest for world domination to establish my brand as a freelance writer/blogger and pursue my passion of mentoring young girls, I feel like I may have been slacking in the “wife” department. While I don’t currently have any aspirations of becoming a housewife or stay-at-home mom (not that there’s anything wrong with that–to each her own, it’s just not for me), I don’t want to become an absentee partner either.

A quick glance at my weekly schedule is evidence that I may have taken on too much. Between volunteering (with three different organizations), freelancing (for several publications) and working on my fitness (two-three nights a week), Date Night had all but disappeared from my Gmail calendar.

If I’m “too busy” as a newlywed, exactly what can I expect to happen when we eventually have children? While parenting is still a ways off in the future, I don’t want to get into the habit of putting work before our family. To Jeff’s credit, he’s extremely patient and supportive. He baked cupcakes for my Girl Scouts troop when I was on deadline for an article and he’s the one who usually cooks dinner because 1) he gets home before I do and 2) he’s better at it than me (although I’m learning, I swear!).

My point is is I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, understanding and encouraging partner. But I don’t ever want him to feel like I’m take him for granted or like he’s just another item on my ever growing checklist.

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