How to Quit Your Job and Become a Nail Artist

A good manicure can make you feel like you’re the ultimate #GirlBoss. And if you’re one of the chosen few who is skilled enough to DIY her own mani, consider yourself lucky. But there’s no reason you should let your talent go to waste. If your friends are always texting you to design their digits for big events, then you may be perfect for a career as a nail artist. To give you some guidance on making manis for a living, we talked to Instagram star Ashley Crowe aka AstroWifey aka the creator of Tipsy Zine, the nail artist’s bible.


Ashley Crowe aka Astro Wifey

Like many of us, Ashley first fell in love with nail art in high school — the more creative, the better. While the look du jour back then included long square nails, Ashley found herself gravitating toward the more dramatic designs, such as nail piercings and embedded elements, like mylar and dollar bills.

“Fusing my appreciation for nail art and my hobby of replicating paintings, I decided to try nail art one day and the rest was really history,” she explains. “I would study [Jean-Michel] Basquiat paintings and try to scale it down to the nail.” After high school, Ashley attended nail school to obtain her certification so she could pay her way through college but quickly realized she wanted to pursue nail art as a full-time career. “My favorite part of being a nail artist is the people I meet. You get to know your clients really well and meet people you may have never crossed paths with ordinarily,” she says. “In return you learn a lot of unique and interesting things about people.”

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